The man behind the vision is Chris Ankeny, the owner and mastermind of the Mount Currie Coffee Co. Formally a professional photographer, Ankeny came to Pemberton eight years ago in search for a career change and some backcountry pow. It wasn’t until one day he began searching for a good coffee shop that served killer breakfast burritos, he would find his next career path unfolding.

With that being said, Ankeny opened the doors to his first café in 2007 near Pemberton, and then most recently his second café in 2012 on Whistler’s Main Street. Since opening, Mount Currie Coffee has been titled ‘Best Coffee’ two years in a row at their Whistler Café, and ‘Best Latte’ in Pemberton for the past eight years.

Mount Currie Coffee guarantees quality of coffee with every cup, but also a clear conscious to their customers in preventing environmental waste. Consequently, Mount Currie Coffee only uses compostable to-go cups while strictly purchasing local organic produce, so they can do their effort in supporting the environment.

Ankeny is pushing to use quality ingredients that are sustainable and healthy, something his customers can feel good about. For instance, Mount Currie Coffee supports Helmers Organic Farm in Pemberton year round as their potatoes contribute to the making of their famous breakfast burritos. And, when everything is in season you can be reassured all greens and other vegetables are coming from Pemberton to create foods like salads and sandwiches. Though Ankeny does not roast the coffee himself, he sources his coffee from Intelligentsia Coffee and Forty-Ninth Parallel in Vancouver.

If you couldn’t tell already, the Mount Currie Coffee Company is all about going local. From buying local produce, to selling local merchandise in store, to featuring local art in both locations, Mount Currie Coffee hopes you too can support local business’ like their own. In the end, their primary goal is to share their passion for coffee with their customers and to make sure their customers are consuming healthy and affordable foods.

So the next time you are in the Sea to Sky Corridor, be sure to make a stop at one of the Mount Currie Coffee Company locations, and prepare your taste buds to be restored with what local has to offer.