Good Morning!

Well, the phone is finally starting to ring from U.S. buyers here in Whistler. What was taking so long?!

With very strong buyer activity right now and limited inventory, sellers are in a strong position to get top dollar. In addition to that, U.S. buyers have tremendous buying power in Whistler at the moment. We haven't seen a 70 cent dollar for over 10 years. The last time the Canadian dollar was this low we had 18% of Whistler buyers coming out of the U.S..  Currently 8% of our buyers from the U.S. but that number is finally starting to move up.

Actually, one of my colleagues from Whistler Real Estate Companys was featured in a great little video from CBC last night about the effect of the low Canadian dollar in Whistler at the moment. Have a look at the video from CBC here.

See below for all the latest listings, price reductions and solds in the Whistler & Pemberton market over the past week:

The active listing inventory in Whistler & Pemberton continues to be a very low 417 active listings which is up by just 2 listings from last week. Remember, our listing inventory is at the lowest point in over 10 years.

If you're coming up over the next couple of months keep in mind that many of the properties in Whistler are heavily booked with high levels of occupancy throughout the winter. If you're planning to come up and look at any of the properties in Whistler that are in rentals, just give me plenty of notice so Jennifer and I can check property availability for showings.

All the best,